Everyone knows Felicia. She's always creepin' + always screwin' up the game plan. Felicia trippin'. And if we don't tell her "Bye," Felicia will have us trippin' too.  

The Felicia I know may be a different Felicia from the Felicia you know. And your Felicia may not even be a female. She may not even be a human. Your Felicia may just be a situation you're not really into–something you didn't exactly ask for + something you're not about. But no matter who you are or how much you practice #yogaeverydamnday, that won't save your ass from Felicia. Felicia is always lurkin' around the corner tryin' to borrow your damn ride when you've got places to be. 

It's easy to say "Bye Felicia" to a person or a situation that's bothering us. It's easy to be rude. To throw shade on someone else for what is happening to us on a personal level. Our current state of affairs really might not be our fault. So we got rear-ended because the person behind us at a stoplight was sexting their bae. So our position was eliminated in an effort to go corporate. So we dropped our iPhone in a toilet before flushing because there was a hole in our pants. While going to the car shop, searching craigslist for job openings at Cookout, sticking our hand in a toilet full of our own piss, it's easy to be angered. It's easy to curse to our god. It's easy to drink our pain away. It's easy to flip our middle finger up in the sky + symbolically send our anger right back to Felicia. But what if we took the higher, harder road?

What if we flipped the phrase around + told that person or that situation "Namaste Felicia"? What if we took a deep inhale to observe the situation + a deep exhale to let out our anger giving us the time to consider humanity–the yin + the yang in everyone + everything, the light + the darkness in ourselves + in Felicia. 

Ice Cube said, "I know it's gotta be hard 'cause if it's not it's weak." 

We've all heard the phrase, "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger." And that's what we've got to remember in the hardest of times. It's hard to see good out of bad, especially if we our living in the present as we yogis strive to do. Because our present may not seem like a present–a gift. It may seem like the opposite of a gift–a rabbit hole too deep to leap out of. But that's when we've got to take a leap of faith. Take the energy that is fueling our anger + use it to produce something good. This is how we build strength. 

May we never forget that Michael Jordan was cut from his high school team but that just made him practice longer + harder. May we never forget that Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for speaking up for humanity but that just encouraged him speak more about the truth–to write books about the truth. May we never forget that both Jesus + Buddha also suffered before rising.  

So let's take a moment to thank Felicia. Because one day, when we look way back in the distance, we can thank Felicia for making us stronger. 

Think about what Eazy E said. "If you had the chance to change the situation, would you take it?"

Namaste Felicia.


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