Malas have been used for thousands of years for meditation or prayer. Like traditional malas, 108MOONS malas are made of 108 beads. The number 108 is significant among most major religions + is noted as a semi-perfect number. It is said that there are 108 energy lines that lead to the heart. The sun is 108 suns from the earth + the moon is 108 moons from the earth. There are 108 Hindu deities. In yoga, we practice 108 sun salutations. (If you're interested, search the web for "108" + check out the many meanings of the number. You could read for days!)

Malas may be worn as a bracelet or necklace + taken off when needed for mediation. To use your mala, start with a mantra. Perhaps you are feeling a bit down. In this case, your mantra could simply be: I am happy. Then take the bead closest to the guru bead–or the largest bead located by the tassel–between your thumb + pointer finger + recite your mantra. Continue to repeat your mantra as you move your fingers along each bead. Once you have reached the guru bead, you have repeated your mantra 108 times. This type of mantra meditation–also known as japa meditation–allows us to feel closer to our intentions behind our mantra.


The stones used in 108MOONS have been carefully selected to open each of the seven chakras–or energy channels within the body–as well as to align with the story of the mala's namesake to further the idea of connection. 

Your purchase will provide hope. Each mala is named after a girl from one of the six Homes of Hope Orphanages in India. For each mala purchased, 108MOONS will donate $10 to the girls at the Homes of Hope Orphanages–a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Your purchase will help provide food, shelter, clothing, education + love.